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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed”

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed”

Viesti kirjoittaja jarrut To Elo 27, 2015 11:58 am


For our English-speaking readers/

Jouko Nieminen
I Was “Anointed”

How to discern doctrines
and judge spirits?
I Was “Anointed” 2006
Bible version used in this edition New International Version (NIV)
Jouko Nieminen
PL 98
The Bible, which is honored, at least in principal, by all Christians, warns especially of the delusion in the end times. Therefore, ignoring the warnings is extremely dangerous. The Bible would be remarkably reduced without these admonitions.

This booklet will deal with issues that should generally be dealt with by church leaders. It is their duty to take care of their flock and protect it from wolves. However, for some reason there is a complete silence from that direction. Those who still caution are called bitter, old fashioned, and intolerable, and the ones who discern are attacked by immense aggressiveness, for instance, in Internet discussion groups.

The writer himself has been seriously involved in the things of which he speaks. That is why all that is written here is to be taken with even more gravity. This critique is aimed at charismatic movements in general, but also specifically at the Finnish revival movement, called Nokia Mission, that is considered by some to be untouchable.

The doctrines of these new movements already have a widespread influence in many congregations and religious communities. Their message through media are quite public. A public response to this publicity is only reasonable, that is, that it can be discerned and criticized in public since it was publicly advertised. A critical discernment works also to the benefit of these movements; hardly any one of us would like to be known in history as a misleader! If criticism in some points is unfounded, it is not a bad thing for these movements. Prohibiting all criticism and being provoked by it only proves how necessary it was to discern in the first place.

One leader of a notable mission society gave his staff permission to observe his life and tell about things that, in their opinion, were not right. Humility of this kind is honorable and trustworthy, albeit quite seldom seen in today’s Christianity.

Perhaps one of the most important phenomenon in forged Christianity is that it focuses on personalities. We are told that we will be something big and special already in this earthly realm, even though the Bible does not teach this principle. In genuine Christianity, a man is small. He is an object of God’s work, and God is the acting subject. This difference is easy to notice in these movements if one observes the so-called ‘revival’ for some time.

Acts 19:11: “God did extraordinary miracles through Paul.” Paul does not toot about miracles that God did through him; Paul’s calling was only to preach the gospel of the crucified Jesus Christ. (1Cor.1:17, 1Cor.2:2) Practices in today’s church often contradict this emphasis of Paul’s.
See that what you have heard from the beginning remains in you. If it does, you also will remain in the Son and in the Father. And this is what he promised us – even eternal life.” (1John 2:24-25)

Viimeinen muokkaaja, jarrut pvm To Elo 27, 2015 2:02 pm, muokattu 2 kertaa

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty THE VISION

Viesti kirjoittaja jarrut To Elo 27, 2015 12:08 pm

Occurred in Kokkola Church, 1981

I am sitting in the front pew. I have given my message in the Bible and prayer meeting and I am looking toward the altar. All of a sudden something happens: I am taken in a vision someplace behind the altar where I can see the whole congregation from the front. The church is full of people; we are still living in the days of revival. In the central aisle there is a long line-up of people waiting to be prayed for — hundreds of people in a double line. I walk silently forward and I look at a prayer group on the left side of the altar. Brothers pray with their hands raised for people needing
help or a touch by the Spirit.

Amazed, I stop to watch the sight in front of me: when the brothers lay their hands on the people, the air above their hands starts to roll and swing in circles and I see three different-colored currents of air as if fighting for the space to “participate in the blessing”. One of the currents is black, another grey, and the third is white. They get mingled together in different ways above different people. For some reason I understand that white is of God, grey is of the human soul, and black is of the devil.

I move on quietly and wonder. Suddenly I hear a voice from my side (an angel), who says: “Why do you wonder? Look at that other prayer line.” Then I notice that on the other side is another prayer line. Actually, I don’t see any line-up, but there is some sort of a figure on the edge of the altar who has bowed down very low. He is dressed in white clothes and he is kneeling, supporting his head with his hands, the way Jesus has been portrayed in the passion of Gethsemane.

I keep on walking, perplexed, and stop next to the figure and look: it is Jesus! He is sad. I am wondering and I cannot understand anything. Then the angel says: “Do not wonder. You see the other line-up with many people. They were invited to experience blessings… But in this line-up where you can not see anybody, the people were invited to follow Jesus on the way of the cross.”
The vision ends. I sit in my place again and I weep. Jesus is there – indeed – and nobody else, not one soul? I make my decision: Jesus, even if no one else, at least I will come…

From time to time, I have been thinking about this vision. I have understood that some good things happened in the line-up for blessings, and God even worked in it. But later I realized that those two line-ups were separate, whatever that may mean. This booklet is not a new study of current charismatic movements; this is rather a serious alarm. It should have been heard from the mouths of those whom God has called to be the watchmen for this nation. But because they are silent, this alarm has been given as Jesus described: “If they keep quiet the stones will cry out.” (Luke 19:40)

I believe that this booklet has been born by the will of God. He loves deeply every stumbling and tempted child of His and He doesn’t want to lose any one of them.
That is why He has lovingly
warned us in the Bible beforehand of the deception and given us the gospel of the cross to protect us from going astray. I do also believe that in my life many things have happened by God’s leading to serve this era of threshing and sifting when God is cleansing his threshing floor and when the foolish and wise virgins choose their fate. This booklet is a study of those two roads and the difference between them,which was shown
to me in the vision.

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Viesti kirjoittaja jarrut To Elo 27, 2015 12:11 pm


Revival in Kokkola

I was saved in the beginning of the revival in Kokkola in 1976. Around this time, the town of Kokkola was experiencing the dawn of very strong revival which touched the whole region, and in that area a few thousand people were saved during the following few years. The revival was characterized by spontaneity,a lack of fellowship with other Christian communities, and minimal teaching ministry. Different spiritual gifts started to function amidst continuous prayer and enthusiasm.

Of course we were testing the limits of the gifts and spirituality. All that we learnt happened through trial and error. The revival had its own active program, but the People’s Mission (Kansanlähetys) in this area joined the movement without hesitation. Actual connection with the charismatic movement’s activity, called The Unity of the Spirit in Our Church (Hengen yhteys kirkossamme), which was well known elsewhere in the country, was totally missing. The revival was unique, which was it’s strength, but it was probably it’s weakness, as well.

During the early years I started seeing visions — the kind of powerful visions that I described at the beginning. I might have had about ten or so. A common feature in them was that they showed me things of which I did not have clear understanding for years or even decades. Yet, they were strong revelations, and for that reason I engraved them onto my heart’s slate where they have been kept clear and precise. Occasionally I meditated on them, but just during the last five years I have started really scrutinizing their meaning with great astonishment.

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty In the whirls of New Spirituality

Viesti kirjoittaja jarrut To Elo 27, 2015 12:21 pm

In the whirls of New Spirituality

At the end of the 1980’s, I got involved in the current charismatic movement. After the Feast of Tabernacles, arranged by ICEJ in Jerusalem, I had received an enormous anointing. I felt like I was full of faith and, overtaken by this strong feeling, I realized that “everything is possible to one who believes”. I took part in many activities in different kinds of Christian interdenominational circles, where the “spiritual gifts, powers and anointing” were active. I made people fall down slain in the spirit in prayer line-ups, and often in counselling I saw inside them (which sometimes made me quite perplexed). Many thought that I was super spiritual.

Yet I don’t find it necessary to describe these matters more elaborately. Instead, I will tell how, after one and a half years, God, in His mercy, put an end to this confusion. There was an interdenominational healing rally at Kannus community hall. I was the main speaker at the meetings and “full of the spirit”. I remember how right at the beginning of the meeting I took the cordless microphone into my hand and went walking amongst the audience because I couldn’t tolerate standing still. It was like there was a fire burning somewhere. Even though I cannot keep a tune, without hesitation I was singing a song of praise into the microphone.

Then I announced that today the Lord would heal the sick here. At that moment a man walked in through the door. Using crutches, he painfully dragged himself forward. Immediately I pointed at the man and said to everybody: “So that you wouldn’t have any doubt that God really heals all your sicknesses today, He wants first to heal this lame man.” I was sure that this would really happen! I walked to him and asked, “May I pray for you?” The man agreed and I started praying, laying my hands on his feet. Afterwards, as I have thought about this moment, I believe that at first I prayed earnestly to Jesus.

In between prayers I asked the man to try if he could put his weight on his foot. Something small happened, but eventually I ended up doubting that perhaps the Lord would not heal him after all. What would the consequences be? A fiasco! In my mind I said to Jesus: “You must heal this man, because everything relies on it!” But my doubts only got stronger. Then something happened which I remember clearly. It was really a faint feeling. I was standing on some kind of a borderline.

I had to choose a way. Then I remember how I made my decision and, as if helped by someone outside of me, I said quietly to myself: “If the Lord does not heal this man, I will heal him myself!” After that I got back my confidence. After praying for him for some ten minutes, the man indeed started walking and left his crutches in the corner. And the congregation gave a laud applause.

After this I haven’t wondered at all what well-known Korean prosperity teacher Yonggi Cho meant when he said in one his meetings: “Nothing is as easy as healing the sick!” The evening went on following the typical charismatic formula, but for some reason I was not happy. I was somewhat disturbed by the feeling of having stepped over a border that I shouldn’t have trespassed. Somehow I understood that I had healed that man with my own inner power and my own faith, by a power that did not originate from God.

That night I couldn’t get to sleep. I was cold, trembling and afraid. In the middle of the night I was awakened. Cold sweat was running on my forehead and I heard the words, “But his soul I will demand from your hand.” During the following days I thought these things really haunted me. At the same time, God started calling me to repentance. I began to understand that I had let Jesus down and I was really troubled and empty. After a few days, God, in His grace, called me again to a place of repentance.

“If you humble yourself, I will lift you up in my due time.” Then I knew that this chapter of my life was ending and now I had to face a holy God to settle my accounts with Him. My heart is grateful that He did not leave this moment of judgment till after my death! I understood that there was only one way in front of me: to humble myself and leave myself in His hands. May He then do whatever He would deem best. God put me on the shelf and I went through a true trial. For five years I lived just going through the harsh school of surrendering and dying.

At the same time, all the other supporting pillars in my life were taken away so that even in matters of everyday life I didn’t have anyone else to turn to but God. I did recall clearly at that time a vision from the year 1982, where God had shown me how my own road would narrow and dwindle away. I have a heartfelt hope that these events in my life will benefit not only me, but others also. What happened to this healed man? I never saw him at any church meeting after that..

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty My Current Relationship with Charismatism

Viesti kirjoittaja jarrut To Elo 27, 2015 12:23 pm

My Current Relationship with Charismatism

I believe in sober use of spiritual gifts and miracles. I have experienced them in my own life, especially in recent years. And they are so awesome that I don’t even want to try to tell anyone about them, since I couldn’t believe them myself if someone else told them to me. But they have happened as if by themselves, caused by Jesus at the cross, not at the rally meetings filled with the noise of contemporary gospel band music and people lifting their hands in noisy prayers.

I also do believe that God doesn’t want His miracles to be brought to be seen by everybody and advertised like any commercial gadget! Jesus says, “A wicked and adulterous generation asks for miraculous signs! But none will be given it, except the sign of the prophet Jonah.” (Mt. 12:39) If this generation was given miraculous signs to watch and wonder, then this generation of ours wouldn’t be “wicked and adulterous”! Instead, asking for miraculous signs in front of God is sinful, like wickedness and adultery!

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty The Latent Power of the Soul

Viesti kirjoittaja jarrut To Elo 27, 2015 12:28 pm

The Latent Power of the Soul

I have wanted to explain my experiences with charismatic activities so that you would understand that the viewpoints in the following text are not based on criticism from outside, but are something I have lived through. According to my personal experience, the hidden power of the soul inside a man is real, but it can be activated only by using forbidden psychic methods. The borderline to these powers is extremely thin and transparent. Helped by the enemy of our soul, it can be reached easily and, unnoticed, result in heresy, no longer acknowledging the difference between the truth and deception anymore.

The only way to protect oneself against this threat is to choose the way where one no more seeks for his own blessings and his own growth or spiritual anointing. Instead, one stays with the dying Christ on Calvary’s cross, and thus diminishes oneself and denies one’s own life for Christ. Then Jesus has space to live within us and He, only He, can work deeds which are His! I have experienced some of it myself, and God has shown me that crossing the borderline to the inner powers of the human soul is a serious and dangerous thing. The borderline is like a film which, once broken, never heals again, at least not totally. The spiritual world will be left to work through the mind, especially the emotions. After fifteen years, I am still very troubled with these issues.

In the end times, the enemy of our souls will arouse Christians more and more to manifestations, and so the signs and miracles will get bigger and bigger all the time. In order to free the inner power, one needs to muffle the voice of one’s own reason and common sense, and allow a quick release of emotions and feelings. This is what the shamans, gurus, and soothsayers of pagan religions have been successfully accomplishing to some extent. But in the end times, we will see them a hundredfold! (Watchman Nee has dealt with this topic in his book The Latent Power of the Soul.) In spiritual charismatism, the emotions are excited by mechanical praising where some certain religious mantras are repeated. This secretly encourages inner boldness to step into forbidden areas.

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Viesti kirjoittaja jarrut To Elo 27, 2015 12:30 pm


In general, we live in a world that is dominated by fast and efficient information technology, which brings about a new kind of global awareness. The religious movements and phenomena have their common global market area as well. In Finland, many small and even bigger charismatic churches and communities have been founded, such as several City Churches, which have adopted new spiritual trends from all over the world. They build their theology and practice on certain Bible passages, interpreted in a new fashion, and on new doctrines, born as late as the 20th century, i.e., books by Hal Lindsay, the teachings of the Faith Movement.

If we want to know how the new spirituality in Finland will look tomorrow, we get a clear picture of it if we look at how it appears today in the USA, Canada, or South Africa in their charismatic churches. It is important to remember that everything we classify as a heresy has a lot of true gospel. That is why many people don’t see the features that make some movements heretical. Sad, but true, is that many don’t want to see the truth. They are interested only in seeing something happen.

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty Nokia Mission

Viesti kirjoittaja jarrut To Elo 27, 2015 12:33 pm

Nokia Mission

Nokia Mission represents the biggest new spiritual movement in Finland to be taken seriously. That is mostly due to the personality of Markku Koivisto. He is a man who, because of his theological and clerical merits, is respected by the other charismatic leaders all over the world. Koivisto has a good and warm relationship with these leaders. In 2005, Nokia Mission started a regular meeting also at the Church of Kokkola, but it is – as would be expected – at the beginning of the year 2006 moving to more neutral places, such as sports arenas.

When we scrutinize the spiritual foundation of Nokia Mission, we are obliged to study the roots and foundations of Markku Koivisto himself. He is the only leader and decision maker at Nokia Mission. The pratices and aims of the meetings are not born by themselves. They are always brought up on the doctrines that influence the background. Therefore we have to have the courage to put abreast?? doctrines and the spirits, which can be done with the help of the first letter of John. The foundations will determine what kind of fruit will be grown.

The Bible says: “By their fruit you will recognise them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles?”
(Mathew 7:16) As the end times are approaching and the powerful deception predicted in the Bible gets stronger, we have to discern the very spirits that influence these movements. Also, Satan himself knows how to chirp beautiful love songs and play sweet music with the harps of the Gospel. Do not let yourself be deceived!

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty A Brief Introduction of the Main Doctrine

Viesti kirjoittaja jarrut To Elo 27, 2015 12:44 pm

A Brief Introduction of the Main Doctrine

If we read the 11-point introduction to the doctrines of Nokia Mission on their Internet site, we don’t have much to remark about it. It does indicate, though, when speaking of the Holy Spirit, that “He supplies us for successful service”. Of Jesus, it says that His saving grace also makes us
triumphant in Christ. I don’t want to argue that this is basically wrong, but it does clearly show awant to queue “in the left prayer line-up” (see my vision in 1981), and it has a seed of the Faith movement. Paradoxically, it is a different thing if we lead a triumphant life in Christ when, according to the conventional picture of Christ, we see Him live in us through the victory on the cross, as Paul said: “I have been crucified with Christ, and I no longer live, but Christ lives in
me…” (Gal. 2:20)

The actual problem here is that their doctrinal foundation does not materialize in practice. Although they recognize the ecumenical declarations of faith, the position of the Holy Spirit, as defined by the Nokia Mission, has been totally changed. According to the declaration of faith, “the Holy Spirit comes from the Father and the Son”. At the Nokia Mission meetings, the Holy Spirit comes, contrary to the Scriptures, from anywhere and speaks anything whatsoever. New interpretations of the position of the Holy Spirit have been a sure sign of a heresy throughout the history.

It is noticeable within Nokia Mission that the use of religious power has distracted their leaders even to strange interpretations of the Scriptures. In their Internet site they quote the book of Isaiah (ch. 9, verse 6): “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders.” This has been interpreted as follows: “If you belong to the Son, you have the government on your shoulders. You have the same anointing which God gives to those who follow him. - - You are the one who will govern over the angels and who has been trusted with power and might.”

What would be more appealing to a human mind than to get into a position like this -- to get power and strength over all the limitations of the human life. Not a word about dying to self, not a word about the narrow path of the cross, not a thought about a dying kernel of wheat. In the Scriptures, we read how the Lord sent ahead of Him those seventy to the places where He Himself was going. When they returned, they told Him joyfully how even the demons were submitted to them in Jesus’ name.

Jesus didn’t want them to rejoice because of the power they had received, but because their names were written in the book of life in Heaven. (Lk. 10:17-20) Only having your name written in Heaven does not seem to be enough today; on top of that you have to manifest religions power already in this world. It is fair to say that powers and might work in the Nokia Mission meetings (like all the rest of equivalent occasions). A person describes one occasion like this: “…Markku Koivisto had been invited to be a speaker here (Sweden, year 2000) and I went there to be blessed, as is the custom, and I fell slain on the floor.

But it was no wonderful “cotton-soft power”. Instead, I was glued to the floor and I couldn’t get up. The spirit humiliated me and I couldn’t control myself. I was crying for Jesus to help me and I could not understand what this was all about. It was only afterward when I was praying to God and asked Him what it was that He answered that it is a heresy.”

Characteristic features of the “New” charismatic movement are at least the following:  ·Kingdom Now (The Kingdom of God comes on earth already now, not only once Jesus returns). ·Dominion Theory (The anointed churches get the government in the world. God supplies the end-time churches, in essence the leaders, with such a great power that the believers receive also political and economical power on the earth.) The Manifest Sons of God (based on Romans 8:19. A new anointing of God brings about a new man. According to the newest visions, this new man, after receiving the new anointing, has even the same DNA as Jesus.) We have to see here that this doesn’t have any foundation in the Bible nor is it parallel to the Biblical description of “being born again from above”.

·Latter Rain (based on Deuteronomy 11:14 and others. It is a great revival supposedly taking place in the end times.) ·New Outpouring of the Spirit (based on Joel 2.) Note that Acts 2:16-17 tells clearly how this prophesy was fulfilled. The great outpouring of the Holy Spirit happened then and He came already then to stay on the earth to work in His church. What could another “great outpouring of the spirit” be? Outpouring of which spirit?

The common message of the above theologies is: in the end times the church will be restored to visible cleanliness. At the end it will take under its charge earthly governments through enormous global revival. Thus it will prepare the world for Jesus’ return. Then Jesus may come to claim His bride, who has already made herself perfect. All this will happen through the ministry of the end time leaders, who are miracle-working super-apostles and in whose personalities Jesus himself is incarnated.

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty What Can Be Said about This?

Viesti kirjoittaja jarrut To Elo 27, 2015 12:47 pm

What Can Be Said about This?

Jesus does not give much hope for the great end times revival when He says: “…However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:Cool Paul was even more pessimistic: (2 Thess. 2:3) “Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs...” Jesus doesn’t return to meet a great jubilant church, but He will return to the antichristian world ruled by Satan: “…And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming.”
(2 Thess. 2:8.

The whole theological structure is a great deceit and fraud. Instead of serving any Christian purpose, it prepares us for the antichristian global system. It overtakes the earthly governments by superpower, and with forbidden satanic psychic powers it causes an enormous false revival, where signs and wonders performed by the “anointed” leaders will be manifested.

The doctrinal structure resembles amazingly the picture of the birth of a mankind with new consciousness, which is presented by New Age philosophy. This species of humans will obtain power through its new, super mental qualifications. This way, the kingdom of antichrist will unite the pagan religions, psychic religions and backslidden spiritual religion into one great spiritual power: the super energy, which already works in new charismatic meetings.

The aims and foundations of these dogmas are naturally not explained or taught at the meetings. They are not discussed, and the audience is not interested in them. Unfortunately, the people are still satisfied only with “bread and circus entertainment”, not with the truth.

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty The Roots of the New Spirituality of Koivisto

Viesti kirjoittaja jarrut To Elo 27, 2015 12:52 pm

The Roots of the New Spirituality of Koivisto

What kind of soil do the roots of the spiritual ministry of Nokia Mission and Markku Koivisto really grow in? The roots can be followed back to the very beginning of the new charismaticn movement, to female evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson, who died of a huge overdose of drugs. Her successor was another female evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman, who became a world-famous healing evangelist. Kathryn was a rather charming woman, who then fell in love with a married man, who soon divorced his wife and married Kathryn Kuhlman. This marriage did not last too long either.
These adventures did not have any effect on the reliability of Kathryn Kuhlman’s career as a super-evangelist. Again, another super evangelist, Benny Hinn, got his anointing from Kuhlman. He is quite well-known in today’s religious circles. Markku Koivisto, on his part, has received his anointing from Benny Hinn. Benny Hinn gets new power and anointing frequently from McPherson’s and Kuhlman’s gravesides.

There are even other dead persons Hinn “socializes” with. In his sermon Double Portion Anointing, (part 3, 7.4.1991) he tells about this anointing: He said, "One of the strangest experiences I had a few years ago [was] visiting Aimee's tomb in California... Friday I am gonna go and visit Kathryn Kuhlman's tomb. It's close by Aimee's ... I've been there once already and every so often I like to go and pay my respects 'cause this great woman of God has touched my life. And that grave, uh, where she's buried is closed, they built walls around it. You can't get in without a key and I'm one of the very few people who can get in.

But I'll never forget when I saw Aimee's tomb. It's incredibly dramatic. She was such a lady that her tomb has seven-foot angels bowing on each side of her tomb … I felt a terrific anointing when I was there. I actually, hear this, I trembled when I visited Aimee's tomb. I was shaking all over. God's power came all over me. ... I believe the anointing has lingered over Aimee's body.

Someone asked me how is it you can feel the anointing around a tomb? I have no idea man, but I sure felt it. You’re gonna feel the anointing...I’ve heard of people healed when they visited their tomb... ( Double Portion Anointing, Part #3, Orlando Christian Center, April 7, 1991. From the series, Holy Ghost Invasion. TV# 309,) This should suffice. You can get this same anointing from the supermen of these end times.

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Viesti kirjoittaja jarrut To Elo 27, 2015 12:57 pm


Koivisto has fetched a “blessing” from the hands of Rodney Howard Browne, a superman and “The Holy Ghost bartender”, as he calls himself. You can read more about this man and his unbelievable actions, for example, in the book by Juhani Aitomaa, called New Wine Intoxicates. The movement’s current ministry seems to get a lot of influence from another American female evangelist, Cindy Jacobs. She has visited also at the NM meetings at Tampere.

Jacobs is a typical “softie prophet”, whose flattering prophetic speeches infatuate people to strong applause and shouts of hurray. It is so pleasant to hear what she offers to her audience when she elaborates tremendous exciting dreams of wonderful deeds of God which He shall do through Nokia Mission. When listening to her preaching I cannot understand why today’s believers have lost even the elementary sense of discerning the spirits. I have surely come to a conclusion: that many believers want to be deceived. When they start to listen to the “softie prophets” they start to weigh their own life with these dreams which are offered to them.

And when the dreams get space in their soul, they see their own old life as poor and insufficient. They are offered a simple solution: close your eyes and plunge into the river! Do not doubt. Doubting is from Satan. Just receive. The question about the origins of this new power does not interest a thirsty person who is emotionally aroused. Modern wretched people are emotionally so deprived that they do not want anything else but drink to quench their thirst -- something, whatever. And therefore they refuse to listen to any warnings. I asked some of the people, infatuated with
the Nokia Mission, if we could check some of the teachings from the Bible, which probably are connected with this.
They answered immediately that, no, we could not. They do not want to listen. Why not? They answered: “When for once we are having fun, then you try to take it away from us!” Within Nokia Mission, prophecies are trusted without any criticism. For instance, well known liberal theologian Kari Kuula (who publicly denies the existence of Hell and argues in his book Paavali, kristinuskon ensimmäinen teologi that Paul did not deem Jesus as God or even a godly being) has been teaching at Mission Bible School.

How can it be possible when two areas of activities differ from each other like day and night? But even Kuula is fit for a teacher at NM, especially if his selection has been confirmed by a revelation by an authorized prophet. Thus, the right and left wings of the liberal apostasy seem to find each other.

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty The Healing Ministry

Viesti kirjoittaja jarrut To Elo 27, 2015 1:02 pm

The Healing Ministry

The Mission meetings are clearly healing events and are advertised as such. It is preferable to make the healings look like miracles. Signs and wonders are deemed to have some kind of value as such, which adds to the Mission’s worth as the preacher of the Gospel. As a matter of fact, NM is depending on this, just as all the rest of the new charismatic movements are. Their reliability depends on the signs and wonders. Sure, people have come to hear the Gospel, and it is indeed preached to some extent. But the name of the game is: quick to action! They are aiming for miracles and riding on the Great Commission of the gospel of Mark 16:15-18.

“He said to them: ‘Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. And these signs will accompany those believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”

Nokia Mission has turned the Great Commission upside down. The emphasis lies mainly on signs and wonders, and because of them you should not doubt the message that is being preached. The things that should follow the gospel are re-prioritized and made to be the main point. Because a human being is always thirsting for something that is new, more, and deeper, the miracles are needed more and greater. Sings and wonders are used to prove the fact that the Mission is from God and that is why all of the “spiritual” message is from God.

NM pastor Timo Aro-Heinilä said in the first meeting of the rally at Kokkola in his Bible study: “If the signs and wonders do not follow the preached message, that preaching is false!” So lightly was wrecked all that had been valued before: the faith and righteous life of the former generations. The Great Commission is not an order to make wonders but to preach the gospel of salvation and judgment, heaven and hell, sin and mercy, the blood of Jesus and the cross. If Nokia Mission wants to prove something by the wonders and signs, let them carry on by lifting snakes with their hands and drinking deadly poison!

Because it doesn’t work, they “heal” the sick – it is so easy! The message of the cross is like a passageway toward greater spirituality, to grab the benefit of the resurrection of Jesus to work for the good of the flesh. Even though Jesus has risen we verily are not – yet.

Paul was a man of God, but even he had his treasure in a pot of clay. And so is ours, to the end. This is a glorious and redeeming message for us as sinners. Therefore, we love the cross and we don’t ever want to go away from it. At the Mission meetings, the preaching of the law is seldom heard. If they would preach about sin and repentance, the false healings would come to end. This is
what I know from my own experience. Neglecting the law leads, according to the Bible (Hebrews 4:12), to warping the sword of the word of the Lord into a one edged sword that is neither able to separate good from bad, nor the thoughts of God from thoughts of man. This is the thing that brings lawlessness into the church. According to the words of Jesus, when the wickedness increases, the love grows cold. Lack of love causes an enormous thirst for love. To quench this thirst, people drink whatever may look like water, but in which a small amount of poison can very easily be mixed.

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty Labor Pains

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Labor Pains

When Koivisto was preaching at Kokkola in November 2005, he presented a strange story about a last minute change of topic that the Lord had shown him while on a train on his way to Kokkola. The message was that the time was at hand for a childbirth. This time of birthing is a peculiar prophetic message that even the other charismatic speakers elsewhere have brought up, and which could be read in a monthly circular of Michael Howard. The only thing left unsaid was, what is to be birthed? Perhaps I can help you here a little.

When Satan, through the man of lawlessness, attacks the truth in the end times, the nations shall serve him for a short while. This does not happen only by persuasion or force, but he will demonstrate amazing spiritual power and energy. This spirit will be greeted as if it was the Holy Spirit. When Satan and the angels of darkness shall be hurled down from heaven (Rev. 12:9), these demons will pretend to be the angels of light who have come to open for us the fountains of this spiritual power so that we shall be like gods. (Genesis 3:5)

That sly deceiver tempts a large group of believers again at the end times to take a bite from the tree of knowledge, as at the first! This tree, however, is not planted by God, but a poisonous tree planted by Satan. The first time, the path from spiritual to carnal, from Paradise to the world, was traversed. Now people want to wander back from carnal to spiritual, from the world to Paradise. This tree will also be “desirable for gaining wisdom”, but verily, whoever will eat from this tree will forfeit the tree of life, which is shaped like a cross and which is in the middle of this world.

The awakening of a new consciousness leads humankind to the area of manifestations of supernatural power. A new, “super human” race will be borne which rules by “godly” power. Does this sound like utopia? These texts are already publicly available on the Internet. For instance, Doug Fortune writes in “the apostolic sites” ( about this birthing.

He proclaims that we shouldn’t take literally the word of the Bible about the return of Jesus, because the kingdom of God will appear in a different way. God Himself will take a form in human beings, who are like He is and like His nature. Fortune goes on: “Some would have us looking at the clouds in the sky for His coming, as if it is yet to be, rather than happening now; may I suggest we would do better to look to a different cloud?... the great cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1).

I believe this is the cloud in which He was transfigured (Mark 9:7), the cloud He was received into (Acts 1:9),
and the cloud He is returning in (Revelation 1:7). Yes, I believe in the physical return of Jesus Christ, but this is preceeded by His appearing in His people. Indeed, Jesus Christ IS COME in the flesh! To confess otherwise is antichrist...” God is giving birth to this new, “created man” in the world.

This is the birth that many prophets have perceived today. Some call it new anointing, revival, new era, awakening of the youth. For a comparison, consider the ideas of the New Age teacher Ken Calbin 1995: ”This ascent into the next stage of evolution, the Age of Light, has been seeded in our DNA to activate with the shift of the ages with the appearance of a new human species; Homo Novo. But for those who are
clearer, this increased luminosity will result in a greater awakening of consciousness … Natural extrasensory powers such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and manifestation will be available to those in harmony with the divine mind, will, purpose, and heart. Indeed, this promises to be a period of much magic and many miracles.” (Homo Novo Dawn of a New Species on Planet Earth © Ken Calbin 1995) We have to admit that these people have a clearer picture of the truth than the charismatic.

On the "Latter Rain" website, Jay Atkinson writes this astonishing heresy regarding the "Manifest Sons of God" and "the man-child of Revelation": "Is this the corporate Jesus that many have spoken of as the reality of His many-membered body filling the earth as a prelude to, or even the fulfilment of the Second Coming? I haven't always felt this way but it came about through study and from dialectic discussion and observation in the prophetic."

Well known speaker Rod Parsley spoke in a TV-program on October 29, 2000: “You will be born – an entirely new species that has never before walked on the earth – a church ruled by the Holy Spirit.” On his internet site, Parsley writes: “You will be borne ultimately into a new species of man. God, He Himself, will bear an extraordinary remnant of humans who will rule without resistance by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

As you can see, new doctrines (which have formed actually in the twentieth century) have already enchanted modern “apostles” and stupefied their faculties so that they have adopted the unbelievable utopia that they, themselves, are to become the rulers of the world! In the newsletter of Nokia Mission 12/2005, Koivisto had put on the uniform of a general. General Koivisto recruits a(spiritual) army to work for him.

The background for this action is not difficult to find. He is the known new apostle called Roberts Liardon. He is the leader of the God’s Generals conferences in the USA and abroad. The Conference gathers the new apostles, God’s generals. And Koivisto wants to belong among them.

All of us should hear the solemn word of warning: If any church leader or teacher, anyone in a public position, favors these speakers and does not separate himself from their heretical teaching and the spirits which have smudged the healthy doctrine of the gospel, he makes himself a party to their sin and responsible for their acts before God.

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty The Contents of the Mass Meetings

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The Contents of the Mass Meetings

All over the world at the meetings of this new movement, the program takes the same format. The format is a skillfully-structured method of psychic mass suggestion. The aim of the meetings is to create a holy atmosphere, which inspires people to submit and where people’s imagination can be released. The best way to do so is through loud music, and mechanical praise -- repeating the same words over and over again.

Methods to influence the soul:
1. Create inspiring atmosphere
2. Music and singing
3. Praise
4. Diminish the preaching of the word of God
5. Emphasize the apostolic quality of the main speaker
6. Manifestations of odd signs, wonders and miracles
7. Collect money

An effective method for releasing the inner powers is misusing the psyche. Minds can be
manipulated by emphasizing beforehand what people are about to experience in the meeting if one only opens up and submits himself to this power, this “Jesus energy”. Psychologically, it is obvious that the bigger the crowd, the bigger the spell! Matti Pyykkönen, pastor of a Pentecostal church, has researched the services held in different countries. Their meetings follow this format (Vaasa 7.9.2004 “Finland in Fire”-rally, by Rodney Howard Browne assoc.):

Opening praise session 1 hour
Collection speech 2 hour
Sermon 0,5 hour
Closing praise session 0,5 hour
Prayer session 1,5 hours

One thing these super apostles know how do extremely well is to collect money. They don’t ask for money in exchange for healing, but they make it clear that God loves generous giving. In my opinion, this is outright swindling. Super-rich preachers, the new “Jesuses”, suck the money from poor, wretched, and simple people without any shame. What did the prophet Zechariah say? (11:4- 5) “This is what the Lord my God says: ‘Pasture the flock, marked for slaughter. Their buyers slaughter them and go unpunished. Those who sell them say, ‘Praise the Lord, I am rich.’ Their own
shepherds do not spare them.”

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty Two Roads, Two “Gospels”

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Two Roads, Two “Gospels”

Many think that this kind of warfare against other spiritual activity is not right. They say: let all the flowers blossom. If it is not from God, it turns to naught. The chasm between classic Christianity and the new charismatic spell is not, however, a mere doctrinal dispute, of which you can trade opinions and make compromises. Right and wrong are
judged solely by the word of God. The powerful spirits are the issues of this spell. Their influence can be seen in two results:

1. To get blind to the truth: one cannot tell the difference between true and false. One can be genuinely sincere and imagine himself to be right. 2. When one’s faculties are fogged, the will power is also bound. One doesn’t want to hear any warning or teaching regarding the matter. Are the words of Jesus sufficient for you? They didn’t satisfy the majority of Jesus’ disciples, because the Bible says that many of His disciples turned back and no longer followed Him. Even the twelve were wavering. But Peter said: “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” (John 6:68.

The apostle Paul says quite clearly in the Scriptures that there are only two gospels: the gospel of the cross and the false gospel. The gospel of the cross is not appealing to a man, but it is the only one with saving power. The word of the cross is the strength of God. Paul did not let all the flowers blossom, but he strictly condemned the false gospel because it was against what the Lord Jesus had revealed.

I have met tens of people who have taken part in the ministry of Nokia Mission more or less devotedly and then dropped it for various reasons. Most of them cut off contact with their original spiritual homes at the time when the spirit of Nokia Mission struck them. They didn’t get inspired anymore by the ordinary activities and the continuous feeling of weakness and talk about the cross. They wanted more: more feelings, more blessings, more inner healing, healing of the body, ruling
over one’s life, positive experiences. But the testimonies of most of them have been shattering to hear. These have been incidences of confidential counseling, public witness that they are no good because they are emotionally crushed. Their self-esteem has been broken and their faith has been demolished. They describe the same thing that I, myself, went through in my time, and I am not recovered yet. They have been used, their souls have been raped, and they have a loathsome feeling of knowing that someone had or still has a free entry into their inner being.

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty The Future

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The Future

The new charismatic movements have a short earthly future. These movements will not shrivel away in a short while, and the people won’t forget them. They will split churches and cause a great scattering, while the powers of the inner beings are released. Nobody is quite safe from these allurements.

Millions of Christians will plunge into the jaws of this white lie because the charm of sensational spirituality wins everybody “who refused to love the truth and so be saved” (2 Thess. 2:10), that is, the love for the gospel of the cross. An ordinary sole Christian is in bigger and bigger jeopardy because everywhere he is told that he has fallen off the group of the chosen ones, and that he resists the Holy Spirit, and how the other spirit and other Jesus work awesome wonders. There is only one antidote for this: to fall in love with the gospel of the cross, take up his cross and follow Jesus.

The heresy of these new charismatic movements is like a giant size balloon. On the surface it looks magnificent and beautiful, but inside it is full of nothing. God’s children attending these meetings have received a lot of flattering words plated with gold, but the words have been without any meaning whatsoever. One of these days, the bubble will burst and an enormous amount of Christians - souls redeemed by the blood of Jesus - will be left empty handed. Then they will see the deception, when they see themselves and their brothers and sisters naked and insulted. They will try to cry for help, but their strength will wear out. Appalled, they will stare ahead. Soon, very soon, the moment of judgment will come.

I appeal to everybody with the mind controlled by the Spirit: pray for these that are deceived! Pray that the power of the gospel of the cross may still save these wretched ones even as if snatched from the fire!

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Do we need discernment of the spirits today?
The Bible says: “Test everything. Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil” (1. Thess. 5:21,22). Almost nothing is examined or tried today. People don’t even know what it means to do this in practice. The only form of judgment seems to be a comparison of feelings! The ability to discern spirits has nearly vanished. People do not understand why it should be done. Any dogmas, teachings, practices or manifestations are not discerned. It makes no difference what is being preached or what happens in the meetings. It seems that people will buy anything as
long as it is fun or thrilling and the meeting is entertaining. This tells us two things: first, the sober teaching of the Scriptures is in crisis, which has caused quite a lot of chaos in the religious field; second, faith has lost its authority and been turned into amusement. Faith has become a soft drink that answers the worries of this life. At the same time, some are wondering what the verse in Mathew 7:22-23 might mean: “Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evil doers!’ “

When reading the text, we clearly see that this is a matter of life and death! I think nobody should fall in love with signs and wonders until he has learned what this passage of the Bible means, before the heart has opened to understand this scripture. However, we have to admit that isolated Bible verses cannot always be understood because the Bible has to be taken in its entirety.

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty What Does the Bible Say about the Need to Discern the Spirits?

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What Does the Bible Say about the Need to Discern the Spirits?

In the gospel according to Matthew, in it’s 24th chapter, it is told how the disciples came to Jesus to ask, “What will the signs of times be?” As the first sign, Jesus says: “Watch out that no one deceives you.” And then He starts to explain the nature of the deception. He begins to speak of false prophets and the signs and wonders which they perform. (In the New Testament language, the false prophets mean mostly the false teachers.) In verse 25, Jesus says: “See, I have told you ahead of time!”

In a town somewhere, some young people once asked, rather perplexed, “But certainly God will keep His own, if you only sincerely believe?” I had to answer them like this: “Yes, He does. But how does He keep you? Isn’t it just like this: ‘I have told you ahead of time’!” The world is full of really sincere, but lost, Believers and religions. Sincerity is not enough, because that is not where the truth is found; truth is only in the word of God. It is only with the word of God that the Holy Spirit can keep us in the truth. Therefore, He wants to lead us into the life guided by the word of God and keep us there.

It also means that everything that a man needs for his spiritual well-being is already said in the Bible. And what has not been said is not worth receiving, as it is written in Revelation chapter 22: 18-19. Again, in Matthew 24:11-12, Jesus speaks of false prophets and the increase of wickedness. Jesus said clearly what the foundation for the deception will be. Here He does not speak of lawlessness in society, which is a fact, of course, but He speaks about the church as a spiritual entity. 2 Peter 2:1: “…There will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce
destructive heresies…” It is because of these heresies which are smuggled into the church that we have to watch our teaching!

We speak about doctrines, but behind the false doctrines are always spiritual powers. Regarding the wickedness, 2 Peter 2:19 says: “…They promise them freedom while they themselves are slaves of depravity…” Freedom from law, freedom from the cross, freedom from dying to oneself and freedom from sin-inflicted sorrow. We are wise to note that about half of all that Jesus taught was warnings. Do you wonder why? Therefore, we must watch and discern doctrines, teachings, manifestations, and practices according to what has been written in the Bible!

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty How Are the Believers Deceived in Our Times?

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How Are the Believers Deceived in Our Times?

Jesus said: “Watch out that no one deceives you!” Satan knows quite well that also the believers can be deceived. The best way to do it is to allure them into heresies that look spiritual, where they are promised great things in the name of the Holy Spirit. Great promises that concern this earthly existence and not heaven. Great promises easily go to the head and intoxicate a person into a dreamland of spiritual heresy. At the origin, we can see the rise of the idea of the Holy Spirit as the very God — the one and only. Almighty God, Himself, and Jesus have been pushed to the side, just like it happened with the new charismatic movement and prosperity theology. The Holy Spirit has been separated to work in His own name, not in the name of Jesus.

See, we believers cannot be led astray by claiming that the word of God is forged, or by changing the words of Jesus. They are clearly written in the Bible and we can read them there ourselves. But what about the message of the Holy Spirit? In digression, they teach that the Spirit does what ever it wants. For example, they refer to the verse John 3:8: “The wind blows whereever it pleases.” According to this teaching, you are not capable of judging the works of the Holy Spirit, because He doesn’t have His own message in the Bible. Thus any message can be put to the name of the Holy Spirit, no matter how insensible it is. The Spirit does what he wants, doesn’t he?! In reality this spirit does what emotionally excited people who desire spirituality want!

For instance, the people in our day want to celebrate. So the Spirit arranges feasts where the aim is the get drunk by the Spirit. And — boy! — do we ever have fun! Is the spirit in question truly the Holy Spirit? Sorry to say, but it neither matters nor interests anybody. Jesus says regarding the Holy Spirit, that “he takes from what is mine and will make it known to you”. (John 16:14) Matthew 24:23-25 indicates that, if possible, even the elect will be deceived by great false spirituality, brought in by famous prophets that know how to captivate their audience.

They speak so eloquently, devotedly, with such assurance, and, on top of this, they even perform miracles! Christians like to believe in the beautiful promises the “Holy Spirit” has now come to fulfill. We must discern the very spirits behind these things to know where we are.

We must recognize whether it is Pneuma (the Holy Spirit) or pneuma (wind). It is only such a small difference in the original texts, and not always even this. (I will return to this later.) Heresies need the proper atmosphere in order to grow, which is lawlessness or antinomy. It means that the believer of the new covenant no longer needs a law or the cross. That is why thirsty and troubled people are attracted to pleasant meetings where the emotional and the spiritual are not separated from one another. Good and bad are not discerned by the word of God. Good experiences, inner healing, a happy life, and spiritual prosperity are all promised, but the person is not guided to the cross to die to self and to find real redemption from their real sins.

Also, the ordinary Christians who live by faith are enticed through the painting of a better picture in front of their eyes, without which experience they really aren’t the children of God yet. The old-fashioned visualizing method used formerly by gurus and shamans of pagan religions as a tool for manipulation is now used by the “spiritual apostles”. Let’s return, once more, to the verse in Mathew 7:22. Many will be pondering what went wrong. Jesus says that the false prophets deceive many and that love will grow cold.

To these evildoers Jesus says: “I never knew you.” (7:23) (It could be translated also: “I don’t know one of you.”) They didn’t personally know Jesus either. They loved signs and wonders more than Jesus and the word of God, and that is why they didn’t have a true loving relationship with Jesus. If we love God and Jesus, we have a need to get closer to Him and hear His beloved voice.Many are seeking the voice of God from emotional experiences, but not from the word of God.
When the teaching faithful to the word of God ends, the loving relationship of everyone will grow cold. Is this what is happening today? Suppose you were to be married and you loved your beloved whole-heartedly, but you heard that he/she didn’t love you whole-heartedly. He/She does love you, but he/she loves your money more. Would you still marry?

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty The magnitude of deception

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The magnitude of deception

The end times are full of all kinds of deceptions, dangerous heresies, and deceiving spirits. The common denominator for them all is that the real core of their deception is hidden in beautiful frames with great emotional promises. They always appear dressed in white garments, pretending to be friends. See, for example, Revelation 6:2. This white horse is regarded as a symbol for the widespread end times revival. It is not such, however, because it is placed among the plagues.

It is a white, false gospel masked as the true Gospel of Christ! He left as a conqueror bent on conquest. Inother words, God has given him the victory beforehand. What is this all about? It is the great deception of the end times that is sent by God and of which Jesus warned us. (2 Thess. 2:11)

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty The Methods of the Deceiving Spirits

Viesti kirjoittaja jarrut To Elo 27, 2015 1:37 pm

The Methods of the Deceiving Spirits

This has been explained as a simple plain truth in 1 Timothy chapter 4, verses 1 and 2: “The Spirit clearly says that in latter times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciousness has been seared as with a hot iron.”

Behind this message is the idea of how a suffering patient could be helped quickly and efficiently (in antiquity). If somebody had, for instance, an awful toothache, the pain could be numbed by burning the root nerves with a hot iron. The key word is “seared with a hot iron”. It tells how the deceiving spirits numb the nerves of sin. Once the pain of the conscience has been made numb, a man can no longer tell the true from the false. Thus the lawlessness gains power and at the same time a man is released from the burden of his guilt since the feeling of the sin has been burned

You don’t have to repent of your sins anymore after this operation; it is enough to get an anointing or a blessing. The above passage from Timothy could be translated also like this (a free translation to point out the main thought of the passage): “But the Spirit says clearly that in coming times many will give up the apostolic faith and adopt willingly the teaching of the deceiving spirits and demons. Pretending friendliness, these speak lies and burn the nerve-endings of the conscience numb with a hot iron.”

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty Discerning the Spirits

Viesti kirjoittaja jarrut To Elo 27, 2015 1:39 pm

Discerning the Spirits

Concerning discerning the spirits there is nothing sensational or mystic. In the Bible we are given two different ways to discern spirits. 1 Corinthians 12:10 says, “…to another the ability to distinguish between spirits…” This verse deals with a gift of the Spirit. Its purpose is more to serve in counseling than in discerning dogmas, that is, to point out individual demons and name them.
In actual pagan countries, this gift is quite common since there is a lot of use for it. Today there would also be a lot of use for this gift where the deceiving spirits are increasing. Another way of discerning is mentioned in Hebrews 5:14. This does not speak of an actual gift of the Spirit, but teaches that a Christian who eats solid food obtains the ability of spiritual judgment, once he is rooted in the word of God and the cross.

Too often nowadays, the ability to judge is based on feelings only. If the feeling is good, the Holy Spirit is there; if not, the meeting is boring. We have to use our ability to judge. In heresies, criticism is forbidden even is this way: In order to get a certain experience, you have to forget about criticism. An especially obvious sign is this: the leader, prophet, or speaker is not to be criticized. The “senses” in verse 14 don’t mean eyesight or hearing, but the Greek word aisteteria simply means “critical judgment.” To be more specific, “the solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil” (Heb. 5:14).

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty The Unfailing Advice of the Bible to Discern the Spirits

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The Unfailing Advice of the Bible to Discern the Spirits

This advice has been given to us in 1 John 4:1-3: “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh, is from God, but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world.”

John puts the doctrine and spirit side by side. The spirits are judged for what they teach, for what kind of message they preach. Once I was walking in Thailand, which is the most Buddhist country in the world. I was interested in finding out if Buddhism is a plain religious tradition or if there are real spiritual powers active there. In the temples among the many golden statues of Buddha, I didn’t feel anything special. Then I started reading a certain book, which was some kind of a brief introduction to Buddhism.

I had read about one and a half pages, and I still remember how through the words “Buddha’s wisdom is larger than the ocean and his spirit is full of compassion” the spiritual powers came. They were troubling me from time to time for many years. Note now the small difference that we were talking about earlier: Pneuma/pneuma. Pneuma means both ‘spirit’ and ‘the wind’. Both are blowing the same way. Both look equally “Christian.”

Both can offer feelings. Both make healings possible. But one is the spirit of the antichrist that merely looks like the Spirit of God. How can they be distinguished from one other? First, the true spirit “acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh” (acknowledge is homologeo in Greek). For instance Matthew 10:32 uses the same word: “whoever acknowledges me before men…” This acknowledgement is not a passive action, which takes place when forced to do so, but an active, self-produced, spontaneous action. In other words, it proclaims and glorifies the Son of Man.

The false spirit cannot genuinely glorify the Jesus of the cross. It can speak of signs and wonders, of healings and gifts of the spirit, of praying and repentance, but it cannot preach the message of the cross honestly: the dying to one’s own flesh, real repentance and losing one’s life because of the Name of Christ. It cannot seriously preach these things. It can only have these as a cover-up, but never whole-heartedly. What is the message a false preacher has? It is shockingly simple. 1 John 4:5 says: “They are from the world and therefore speak from the viewpoint of the world and the world listens to them.”Their message is such that this world likes to hear. It nourishes the carnal needs of Believers for this earthly life.
It is a sermon of standards of living, of healing, of happiness, of finding one’s life, of life’s control and of power, both spiritual and worldly. It gives promises of great revivals and promises each audience will be the instrument for it.
The spirit of the world abhors hearing about the cross and repentance and losing one’s life for Christ. It is not spoken about. An example of this is the dialogue between Jesus and Peter, when Jesus was already on His way to the cross. “Peter took Him [Jesus] aside and began to rebuke Him ‘Never, Lord’ he said ‘this shall never happen to You.’ Jesus turned and said to Peter ‘Out of My sight, Satan!

You are a stumbling block to Me; you do not have in mind the things of God but the things of men.’ “ (Matthew 16:22,23) The cross separates the spirit of God and the false spirits. There is still more advice in Galatians 5:22. This verse speaks of the fruit of the Spirit. The Spirit of God takes Believers into this kind of world: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.” If, for instance, you have been reading about Toronto “blessings”, you can see that it is a poor imitation of these things.

The aim of the entire Toronto incident was in reality to separate the Church from the word of God and replant it in lawlessness. The Holy Spirit can be recognized since he doesn’t demand, doesn’t raise his voice, and doesn’t act rashly. The Holy Spirit always brings peace and gives the will-power to wait until God’s time comes. His message always leads to an emphasis of the greatness of Jesus and a lessening of one’s own ego, never the contrary.

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty The Final Warning

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The Final Warning

There is an actual warning in the verses of 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12: “The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan, displayed with all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.” The “great delusion” is energeian planes in Greek. It is significant that the word for “deception,” energeian, is a noun and not an adjective. God sends an “energy fraud”.

Where is this energy (anointing) received from? God sends “energy” or “fire” that works and is visible. Many are deceived because they refuse to love the truth. Again, the point is the same as in Mathew 7:23. “I never knew you.” “You never gave your heart to Me.” You don’t have a personal loving relationship with Jesus! That is why you don’t love His words. According to the Bible, to love God is to keep His commandments, which is His word. Why is a deception like this taking place? It is necessary at the end times. Thus the wheat and the chaff are separated from one another by “God’s winnowing fork,” as it says in the Bible. This separation will be done at the end by God alone. Many are wondering how it is possible for Believers to get lost into this energy foolishness that is marketed in the name of the Holy Spirit.

It is no wonder at all. They think that it comes from God and there they are right: God does send it. The words ‘deceivableness of unrighteousness’ (King James version) mean the fraud of wickedness for the gullible, or even an illusion. We find something to think about in the book of Isaiah 29:9 and 10: “Be stunned and amazed,blind yourselves and be sightless; be drunk, but not from wine, stagger, but not from beer. The Lord has brought over you a deep sleep: He has sealed your eyes (the prophets); He has covered your heads (the seers).” The words ‘deep sleep’ (ruach tardemah, in Hebrew) mean ‘a spirit which causes a man to sink into deep stupor, ecstasy and trance.’ I do not know from how deep into the throes of heresy or into the gorges of the false gospel a person can be saved.
It is known only to God in the case of each individual. But what I do know is that the gospel of the cross surely saves anybody who has the love of the truth. “Hold onto what you have so that no one will take your crown!”

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Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed” Empty Vs: Jouko Nieminen: I Was “Anointed”

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